Girl from community of Rhe standing next to water pipe that will lead to proposed solar filtration system.

One thing that Kledèv has been open to doing since the beginning is supporting projects executed by others in areas of Haiti where we do not yet work. The below solar-powered water filtration project is in line with the kinds of projects we have been wanting to support… it is so gratifying to see like-minded people in action making a huge difference!

The Oshun Project’s mission is to initiate and support green technology projects in the rebuilding of Haiti with the ultimate vision of Haiti becoming rebuilt as the world’s first completely green country.

PROGRESS: Thanks to many contributions, well-wishes, and love our installation team travelled to Rhè, Camp-Perrin and successfully installed the solar-generated filtration system at the headquarters of MP3K April 15, 2013. We also trained equipment operators to maintain and take complete ownership of the system, while educating community members about hygiene and the importance of using the filtered water. By installing the system, we have provided a community of approximately 20,000 with potable water just in time for the rainy season which started last week.

Community leaders tell us that mudslides have filled wells further contaminating water already high in disease-ridden bacteria, and that having the low-cost filtered water is lifesaving. Especially, for the people within this mountainous area, who must travel – many by foot and without shoes – at least 10 kilometers (about 4 miles) to the nearest market for filtered water at 10 times the total cost. (The average Haitian makes 40 gourdes a day and getting a 5-gallon bottle of filtered water is about 130 gourdes.) MP3K officers have agreed to sell 25% of the water at 10 gourdes per 5-gallon bottle and give the rest of the water away for free. This installation is a big win for all involved and we are looking to further this community along.

What’s next? Complete the market building. Presently, people must travel a massive mile-long riverbed to get to the market. Every rainy season, the river swells and lives are lost attempting to cross it. The area for the filtration system is complete and serving water. The building is also secure, but the market is not ready to open – this is where you can help with a donation. We estimate $3,000 to get the market up and running. We are also, working with other initiatives to provide this area with clinical services – more to come as we develop this component.


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About Akeisha Johnson, founder of The Oshun Project

When I first considered doing work in Haiti it was in 2002. I was an undergraduate student and had no idea where to get started, so doing work in Haiti just seemed like just a nice idea as I was a lover of traditional Haitian dance. After seeing the effects of the 2010 earthquake on television, I saw an opportunity for Haiti within the devastation. Because Haiti’s only option was starting over, I thought the country could be a great example of how rebuilding using innovative green technology could have Haiti become a research hub and a great example of resilience. The ultimate push to action for me was as a GW staff member and what I saw as a lack of effort on the part of the university’s task force in promising to help Haiti’s recovery efforts. It was almost 1 year from the 2010 earthquake and there was not much talk on campus towards the recovery effort as promised.

“If it is to be, it is up to me.” – William Johnson

I took this quote to heart and began sharing my ideas with people within the GW community in late 2010. My actions lead me to partnerships with the Inter-American Foundation, MP3K, Coffee for Water, Solar Under the Sun, and Bower Hill Community Church – and ultimately to the creation of The Oshun Project.

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