Below is a short list of future visions we either have begun and halted, or envisioned but not gotten further into creating the reality. These are completely doable visions, but lack of funding and other circumstances have slowed or halted the work required to make it happen! Some of these projects are still alive, but being handled by just a few people. If you are interested in supporting any of these initiatives, please CLICK HERE and tell us about your vision to partner with making these real.

  • CHEDEVE Cooperative grocery and general store
    For community food security and convenience in Fontamara
  • Son Light Orphanage
    We want to find some angel support for this orphanage currently being run single-handedly by Simone Morquette… see the video here ==>
  • Tainos Community Center/Guesthouse
    This long-term project would include creating a comfortable, full-service guest house for visitors to Port-au-Prince that would eventually become a destination for journalists, tour groups, missionary groups and others who wished to have a very comfortable Haitian hide-away to call their home in Haiti. 

    One of our founding members, Junior St-Vil, actually had a guest house started in the years before the earthquake. It was a rented house and needed many repairs, but there was definitely some action in creating it, and we even had a few guests! Circumstances made it necessary to close it before it really got started, but it’s a vision he’s still committed to realizing!