How to feel Great:

You may want to help for the good it will do our neighbors in Haiti. If you’re reading this, I’m certain your heart is open and you’re looking at whether you can do this… if you can, I can guarantee you’ll be giving yourself a great gift as well. If not now, please think of us when you can!

Giving a little (or a lot) is an easy way to get that great feeling from saying yes to something that matches what you value. I never feel better than when I follow my heart and surrender to my own generosity and contribute to another human being. For me, Haiti isn’t just a place of problems, it’s a place of love, compassion, courage and opportunity.

Donating now, even what you might consider a tiny amount, once or by the month, does make a huge difference in the lives of amazing people, AND it gives you that great feeling of doing something awesome – contributing to others! Your contribution, combined with those of others, can keep kids in school, in programs that keep them out of gangs, informed on how to deal with deadly diseases or in workshops that teach them skills for life.

If you want to feel really great on a regular basis, select your preferred rate of monthly support and click Donate Monthly!

MONTHLY support makes it possible to offer our programs without interruption, and helps us with day-to-day expenses like printer ink! Our programs are simple and they work, most with little or no overhead. When we get something, we convert it to action in the community. That means nobody is getting a big salary or expense account. Our programs are all run by volunteers, many of whom we’d love to convert to paid staff, but for now, they are gladly volunteering!

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Well If so go to when you do and they will give a percentage to your favorite charity just for using the smile url! I’d like to encourage everyone to choose Kledev, as your donation will empower people living in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere including many families still struggling after they lost what little they had in the 2010 earthquake. + pick KLEDEV

Thank you for investing in the lives of amazing people, including yours!

Frequently Asked Questions:

A: Yes! NEW! Send a check to:


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A: Yes! We’re a Real 501(c)(3) Organization since 2007!

And because we believe in transparency, CLICK HERE to view our tax filing status with the IRS

Obviously, giving a general monetary donation or donating to any of our specific projects is the most efficient way to help, but money isn’t everything. If you have a great idea or inspiration, and would personally like to work with us on any of our future visions, please CLICK HERE and tell us about your vision to partner with making it a reality.