Working Now:

CHEDEVE Soccer & Leadership Program

Back in 2007, the CHEDEVE community leaders got together with a commitment to work together to make their community work better. The community needed much, and they didn’t know where to start, so they went out and asked people, “If you could only have one...

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CHEDEVE Meals for Kids Program

When the soccer program started, one of the things that was most obvious was that after the kids play hard for hours, they get hungry and thirsty. If we sent them home without giving them something, it could be that they wouldn’t have anything waiting for them at...

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CHEDEVE School Tuition and School Supplies Fund

Every year for the past several years, just before school starts in Haiti–around the beginning of September – CHEDEVE puts on a program that has approximately 200 school age children submit their name for a lottery to win a scholarship so that they can attend school....

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Future Visions:

Below is a short list of future visions we either have begun and halted, or envisioned but not gotten further into creating the reality. These are completely doable visions, but lack of funding and other circumstances have slowed or halted the work required to make it happen! Some of these projects are still alive, but being handled by just a few people.

CHEDEVE Cooperative grocery and general store

The Haitian community in or near the Fontamara area would really like your help to start their own cooperative grocery and general store. It would really help for their food security and convenience. Lets make this happen for them Please give to this initiative:...

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Rebuilding the lost Tainos Community Center/Guesthouse

This long-term project would include creating a comfortable, full-service guest house for visitors to Port-au-Prince that would eventually become a destination for journalists, tour groups, missionary groups and others who wished to have a very comfortable Haitian...

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Son Light Orphanage – In Urgent Need of Funding

We want to find some angel support for this orphanage currently being run single-handedly by Simone Morquette. Simone has a huge heart and is committed to the children in her area living in deprived situations. Her children's home is mostly her effort, but...

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