For several months after the January 2010 earthquake, the soccer program was postponed due to the fact that there were many people living on the soccer field. Once we figured out how to do it, we extended the meal program so that more kids could eat, and for several weeks we served hot meals as often as we could, prepared by volunteers, to almost 200 children in the community about every other day or so.
This tapered off once the free bags of beans and rice were no longer available, and once the soccer field was clear again, we resumed the program just for the boys. Since the cholera outbreak that started in October 2010, we felt the need to discontinue the meal program again until we could create how we would responsibly serve the children without having them sit on the ground. At this writing, the program is back up and running at about 50%, thanks to a generous grant from the Global Fund for Children.

So, How’s it going?

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