Every year for the past several years, just before school starts in Haiti–around the beginning of September – CHEDEVE puts on a program that has approximately 200 school age children submit their name for a lottery to win a scholarship so that they can attend school. Since there is no public school in Haiti, all children must pay fees to go to school, and many families can’t afford the fees. Each child writes their name on a piece of paper and puts it into a big bowl, and then we have a program where everyone – all the parents and all the kids – stand and wait to see who are the winners.

Last year, CHEDEVE gave out 15 scholarships thanks to the generosity of Philips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts, plus passed out bags with school supplies to many other children. The feedback from the community is that this is a very important and necessary program, it’s just too bad they can’t be for more kids. We are committed to expanding this program so that more kids can afford to go to school, and that more kids can have the supplies they need to successfully participate in their studies.


So, How’s it going?

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