2007 – Original members of Kledèv & CHEDEVE: (top-left) Tony, Georges Edouard; (middle row left) Max-Robert Vital, Junior Thelusdor, Clay Kilgore, Roosevelt Hyppolite, Sherline Nell; (front left) Camille Merisme, Pierre-Michel Omero 


WOW! In 2012, CHEDEVE leaders made magic happen for kids in the Fontamara Larochelle area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti! What’s especially great, leading into this report, is that several of our most dedicated adult members are stepping into their leadership in new ways, sharing themselves and their skills for the good of the community and the future of the kids!


Georges Edouard, Jean Camille Merisme and Sherline Nell-Hyppolite, who have each been connected and causing CHEDEVE since the beginning back in 2005, are have put together programs in Plumbing, Electrical, Art and Beauty and Hygiene…

These programs are designed to get kids and teenagers engaged in positive ways over the hot summer months and provide them with skills that they can carry into their future while having them work together side-by-side, which can always result in friendships and relationships for the future.

Here’s what surprised even me… I asked, “how many kids in the programs?” Answer: “60 in Plumbing, 30 in Electrical so far, wil have to get back to you about the art and program for girls…”

60 teenagers learning plumbing skills! 30 Learning electrician skills!

The CHEDEVE leaders are taking their roles to the next level! I am completely proud and grateful for them… I do not normally communicate directly with these leaders, but when I visit Haiti and am with them, what I am always blown away by is there availability to the kids and their dedication to what’s possible in their community. When I say there are volunteers who I’d love to convert to paid staff, these are the people I’m talking about!

What’s super cool is that they put these programs together and started them with no idea of where the funding would come from! THAT is what creating a future from nothing is all about! I love that they did it, AND I now need to make something happen!

The combined budgets are conservatively around $800 for the Plumbing and Electrical programs, and another $600 for art, beauty and hygiene. If you can give as little as $10 to cause these programs, that would be huge! And we can now set up a monthly giving program with Paypal for as little as $10 a month! Let’s do this!